Saturday, February 19, 2011

Picky Eater

II don't consider myself a picky eater but Skorzy will beg to differ. I justify it as "I don't eat much so what I will eat I want it how I want it." It's all about "ratios", "fillers" and "application" with me. I don't like too much lettuce on a BLT because without enough bacon and tomato to balance it out it just tastes like yard trimmings. I don't like too many filler veggies when I really just want to taste the meat, and while I like some things in certain applications I don't like them in others, such as raw onions vs. grilled onions, or bruschetta vs. the tomato chunks on a veggie lover's pizza. 

Okay so I guess I'm kind of picky. 

***Artist's Note*** I'm sorry about the awkward format of this comic. Most of these comics are sketch diary pages and I often times just wanna get the idea out, sort of stream of consciousness I guess. 

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